What’s the reason behind what I do?  Interestingly, we don’t question our motives when things are going well.  When our projects or endeavors have momentum, we rarely question why we’re doing them.  It’s usually when we feel like things are going too fast for us to handle or when we run out of steam before reaching our goals that we wonder what possessed us to think we could do it.  We wonder why we ever took it on in the first place.

I believe that this is a universal experience.  We’ve all questioned our motives.  I think these moments are necessary reassessments.  Instead of pushing through blindly, it’s a moment to regroup, refocus, rearrange, and re-motivate.

If we were to question those who accomplished great things, I’m sure they’d all have stories of struggles, of times when they could have turned back and walked away.  Only, they didn’t.  They had to reassess, but in that they found new reasons to keep fighting for their goals and new ways to reach them.

Am I questioning my motives on something right now?  Have I walked away?  Have I found reasons and ways to attain my goals?  If it’s something worth fighting for, take the time to reassess.  Victory belongs to those who fight until the end.

Be a light to your world today!

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The Heart of Happiness

This post is inspired by one of my fellow bloggers’ posts.

The quest for happiness is universal.  We all seek to be happy… but do we go about it the right way?  We all have challenges that have no easy solutions.  We may have physical or mental pains.  Life throws us many curve balls we can’t dodge.  Sometimes we suffer losses that threaten to turn our world upside down.  Through it all, we can be happy.  How?  By embracing the good in our life.  Happiness does not stem from having it all, but from appreciating what we have.  Being happy is to want to be where you are as you are.

Even though the “good” things in life can sometimes wear the mask of “it could be worse”, appreciating these can bring peace to our soul and compassion for others’ sufferings.  Make peace with those problems you have no control over and courageously tackle the ones that are within your power to solve.

Be a light to your world today!

The Unknown

Why are we so resistant to change?  In my clinical (and personal) experience, one thing that haunts many people when they try to make life changes is the unknown.  Walking into unchartered territory, leaving your familiar coping mechanisms behind, abandoning the familiar pain for an uncertain future… those are all examples of facing the unknown.  The unknown can’t be measured or weighed.  It has the strength that our imagination gives it.  Our imagination, in turn, feeds off of our fears.  Therefore, facing the unknown requires great courage that outweighs our fears.

All changes require us to abandon something we have for something we do not yet have, and have no guarantee of obtaining.  The fear we experience when faced with the unknown often makes us recoil and stick to the familiar, even when it is toxic or hindering us from our happiness.

Are there any changes you’ve been contemplating but haven’t undertaken, yet?  What fear is keeping you?

What’s the Point?

That feeling you get when you’ve taken on a project or an endeavor that seems to have hit a dead-end, is what I call discouragement.  It seems like it’s going nowhere and it was all for nothing… at the very least nothing you thought it would be.  Now you’re faced with a choice: fight on and hope that success will surprise you, or throw in the towel and declare it a lost cause.  What do you do?

I’m reminded of Samwise Gamgee’s speech to Frodo in the Lord of the Rings movie (The Two Towers), where he tells him that all heroes had the chance to walk away but didn’t, that it’s because they fought on that we now have their stories to tell (that was the gist of it, anyway).

Those who’ve left a legacy behind have been faced many times with this struggle.  The difference between these and the rest of the population is that they believed in their purpose and fought on.  In times like this, it’s crucial to focus on sowing the seed more than to try and force the tree to grow.  Our path usually doesn’t unfold the way we want it to.  If we’re patient and persistent, however, it will often surpass our expectations.

If you struggle to fulfill your objectives, if you feel discouraged or down because you’ve failed yet again, if you’re at a loss to find a way to make significant changes in your life… hang in there!  Fight on and sow the seeds!  You may not understand yet where all this is going, but your efforts won’t be entirely in vain.  You may not get exactly what you wanted.  In fact, you may end up getting more than you ever imagined.

Be a light to your world, today!