Walking on Water

There’s something thrilling and nerve-wracking about taking great risks.  Life has thrown many curve balls in my life, particularly lately.  The turn of events has opened up a mountain of possibilities that make me want to climb it, and yet there remains the nagging thought that it could all turn out very badly in the end.  Managing feeling both afraid and excited at the same time is almost like being pulled in two directions like a wish-bone.  It feels like something’s going to give sooner or later.

All the great ones in history embraced daring risks in their life, without which they wouldn’t have left the legacy they have.  So why do we hold back?  We’re afraid to lose, to suffer, to pay dearly.

In my experience, it’s been important to find a happy medium between daring and cautious.  The daring part takes that leap off the cliff and trusts that the landing will end well, while the cautious part of us does everything it can to make the daring leap a success.

It’s like Peter walking on water towards Jesus.  The daring part of Peter is to walk on water trusting that Jesus wouldn’t tell him to just to let him sink and drown, while the cautious side of him needs to remain focused on Him and do everything that He tells him to do.  Along the way, the excitement in him fails and fear takes over when he loses his focus and begins to doubt.

I wish I had a fool-proof recipe to taking risks.  I don’t know how things will evolve from here, but I do know that I’m pushing through.  All I can say from experience is that if your gut instinct tells you that you need to take a certain path, then take it.  Stay close to God and trust that He will provide in time, even if it is at the last minute.  Do everything that you can do and He will take care of the rest.

Be a light to those around you today!


Bullying is a Shadow of Something Far Worse

In my previous posts, I talked about the complex phenomenon of bullying.  However, the bullying we experience from our own is but a shadow of a far worse type of bullying.  The type of bullying I am referring to can be summed up into two words: spiritual warfare.

The bullying that we are more familiar with taints the happiness from our daily life: work environment, relationship with our significant other, friendships.  That loss of happiness is a shadow of the loss of eternal happiness.  The greatest bully of all goes by many names: the Serpent, the Enemy, the Father of Lies, the Deceiver, Satan…  His goal is to rob us of an eternity of bliss in the presence of God.  He waged war on humanity since the beginning of times and he won’t stop until the end of times.

Let’s illustrate spiritual warfare by using the third chapter of the book of Genesis, in the Old Testament.  Without doing a full analysis of the Serpent’s tactics of seduction to lure Adam and Eve to sabotage their state of perfect bliss, let’s point out the obvious.  The serpent challenges their relationship with God.  He invites them to question God’s words and so manages to sow doubt in their hearts of God’s benevolence.  He makes himself look like the benevolent one who’s looking after their greater good, using deception and twisting truth.  Once Adam and Eve cross the line and eat of the fruit of the tree, their eyes are open to what they’ve done and they’re filled with shame.  Their happiness is now tainted, forever changed.

God did not condemn them, but He promised them that this life would never be the same again.  Ever since then, life has been a battle.  To ease their pain, God promised them a Redeemer who would come to wipe that stain and open the doors to paradise once again, but only after battling through this life.

Unfortunately, the Enemy hasn’t stopped at tainting our happiness in this life.  He wants to destroy us entirely by separating us from God forever.  And so, using similar tactics that he used with Adam and Eve, he tries constantly to lure us away from God to follow him in that eternal separation from Him.  Since he can’t be happy, he tries to deny us that happiness.