Be The Best You Can Be

We all have dreams of making a difference.  Whether it be to invent new means of communication, to solve world hunger or poverty, or simply to be that positive voice others need to hear.  Whatever our dreams are, they are still dreams.  We’re not there yet.

Last post, I spoke of how fleeting time is in comparison with eternity.  Our life is relatively short, and we only get one shot at it.  So instead of dreaming, start living your dream.  To live your dream, focus on being that person you dream you become… the one that can make this dream come true.

You don’t have to be perfect.  You just need to be the best you can be.  Be Super You!  Super You does the little stuff with just as much passion and determination as the big stuff.  Super You has the ability to see obstacles as challenges to be overcome.  Super You doesn’t compromise with mediocrity.  Above all, Super You is still human.  So make sure you remain realistic with yourself while striving for your goals.

Be a light of “super-ness” to your world today!


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