World Autism Awareness Day

Seven years ago, my wife and I were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Elizabeth.  Being first-time parents, we were learning everything about parenting through books and advice (solicited or not), and especially the hard way.

This little girl brought so much joy, cuteness, and laughter in our life and, like any child, some hair-pulling and head-scratching moments.  She still does.  She loves to laugh and play, she loves to have one-on-one time with daddy to play board games (with a mug of hot chocolate), she gets silly, loves everything to do with animals.  She loves books, loves numbers, loves school and her friends, loves people.

This beautiful, fun-loving little girl has autism.  Sometimes she has difficulty communicating what she’s feeling.  Anything out of routine can throw her off, which then manifests itself in her behaviour.  There are moments where we, as parents, are at a loss.  How do we help her?  How do we know what she needs?  Those are questions that often come back to us as parents.  Then I remind myself that her autism is also a great challenge to her.  Some tasks that we take for granted require effort from her.

Still, to me, she’s perfect just the way she is.  She’ll always be my fun-loving beautiful daughter, and there’s nothing that I’d change about who she is.

Be a light to your world today!



  1. Such a beautiful post 🙂 Check out my blog post: to see my post on #WorldAutismAwarenessDay



  2. She is blessed to have you two as her parents. Children need parents who accept and love them for who they are. With Autism, children have many weaknesses, but they also have so many strengths. Many times, those strengths are ones that we all wish that we had. My son is who he is, never pretends to be anyone who he’s not, and never fakes a smile. Wish we could all be that real.

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