Social Care: Relationships Matter

In this next part on self-care, I’m shifting my focus on the importance of relationships as part of social care.

The bottom line of social care is that we have to build healthy relationships with others and with ourselves.  Healthy relationships are essential for our happiness.  I’d like to point out three main principles to having a healthy relationship: boundaries, communication, and care.

Boundaries determine when you say yes and when you say no to others.  Always saying no to others can demonstrate selfishness and a disregard for them.  Always saying yes to others can demonstrate self-neglect and a desperate desire to be appreciated and accepted.  Healthy relationships have a fluidity of giving and receiving that is enriching for both parties.

A healthy relationship also has great communication, which can be summed up in two words: honesty and discretion.  Unspoken anger or resentment, maybe even simple assumptions, will surface sooner or later in ways that can be damaging to the relationship and hurtful toward others.  However important it is to be honest, it is just as important to be discreet because ill-timed and ill-expressed truths can be damaging to a relationship, sometimes irrevocably so.

Lastly, care.  True friends care for each other without condition.  Genuine care is what makes the difference between a relationship that’s manipulated for selfish purposes and one that’s nurtured for mutual growth.

If your struggles are in relationships (be it with family, friends, or a significant other), look at the dynamic of that relationship.  Do you have healthy boundaries that allow both of you to be yourselves?  Do you communicate well?  Do you care for and look out for each other?  In these three questions you may find some answers.  Not all situations can be resolved simply by asking these questions, but they may shed some light.

Be a light to your world today!

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