The Art of Self-Care

This begins a series of blog posts on self-care.  My experience as a mental health counselor has taught me that people often don’t understand how best to take care of themselves.

Self-care is a multi-faceted discipline that’s not easy to master.  Unfortunately, some view this discipline as laziness or a sign of weakness.  Why?  For some, it shows limitations that they feel make them look weak.  For others, it’s “non-productive” time and therefore a waste of time.  Still others may feel that they are selfish if they think about themselves and so take a brake from worrying about others.  What’s behind those beliefs varies from person to person.  And these ones are just a few of many.

The truth is, self-care is essential to our lives.  Yes, we do have limitations, but that’s a condition of our human nature that can’t be ignored for long.  When it’s ignored too long, you pay for it: burn-outs, depression, anxiety… just to name a few.  There’s a fair number of mental health issues I deal with that are caused by poor self-care.

To say that self-care is a waste of time is like saying that workers who take the time to maintain their equipment are wasting their time.  The real waste of time is when they’re slowed down by poor equipment or when their equipment breaks.  Then they can do nothing until it is replaced or restored.  If we don’t take proper care of ourselves and become indisposed for a while, that’s where we’ll see the real waste of time.  Besides, it’s difficult to appreciate life and its blessings when we’re constantly on overdrive.  Enjoy life, don’t just plow through it.

Be a light to your world today!


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