The Perfect Lie

There are many false beliefs we can latch on to.  Some of those beliefs are no more than little quirks, others have detrimental effects on our mental and/or physical health.  Of all the lies I’ve seen, one of the worst ones is perfectionism.  The idea that I have to achieve perfection in everything has left many in states of utter devastation.

Setting the bar at perfection can be a setup for failure.  We usually fall short of perfection.  If I value myself by the results of my endeavors, I’m building an unstable image of self-worth.  Underneath the setup for failure and unstable image, we often find underlying self-loathing or self-doubt.  Am I very critical of myself or self-depreciating?  If so, I may have been bit by the “perfect” lie.

Striving for perfection is actually a fundamental moral belief of Christianity.  When Christ invites us to be perfect as the Heavenly Father, he’s not trying to set us up for failure.  He’s giving us a direction.  Instead of settling for a mediocre life of doing the bare minimum to be considered a “good” Christian, he challenges us to embrace a life of virtue, to become more and more like him.  Even though we will never become as perfect as God, we’re invited to embrace Him, to love Him, to fight for Him… to treasure Him above all else.  We’re treasure hunters.  If God is the treasure of our hearts, then we will pursue Him and His Word every day of our life until our soul rests with Him eternally.

Be a light to your world today!


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