The Heart of Happiness

This post is inspired by one of my fellow bloggers’ posts.

The quest for happiness is universal.  We all seek to be happy… but do we go about it the right way?  We all have challenges that have no easy solutions.  We may have physical or mental pains.  Life throws us many curve balls we can’t dodge.  Sometimes we suffer losses that threaten to turn our world upside down.  Through it all, we can be happy.  How?  By embracing the good in our life.  Happiness does not stem from having it all, but from appreciating what we have.  Being happy is to want to be where you are as you are.

Even though the “good” things in life can sometimes wear the mask of “it could be worse”, appreciating these can bring peace to our soul and compassion for others’ sufferings.  Make peace with those problems you have no control over and courageously tackle the ones that are within your power to solve.

Be a light to your world today!


One Comment

  1. I completely agree with this post. We can’t fix everything in our lives and sometimes we just have to wait until the situation turns around on its own, but we can control how we respond to it. Currently experiencing a difficult time of my own, the main thing that I keep repeating to myself is “it could be worse.” Then when I imagine the different ways in which my situation could be worse, I find that I become more at peace and less stressed. Stress can destroy a person and I refuse to be destroyed. How we manage a situation is all about how we see it.

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