Honoring God

Honoring God is to give due respect to the Author of all there is.  It’s to acknowledge the omniscience of the One who knows absolutely everything there ever was, is, and will come to be.  It’s to bow down to the One whose Might knows no limit.  It’s to live a life of virtue worthy of a child of God.  Ultimately, it’s to open our arms to the One in whom our heart will find its eternal rest.

As we’ve witnessed in recent current events (most of us only virtually through the media, thank God), there are some who have a very different perception of what it means to honor Him.  They use God’s name to justify all sorts of abominations, convincing themselves that God (sometimes He goes by other names) will reward their violence with eternal bliss.  The deception couldn’t be greater.  Their actions are not honorable, they’re blasphemous.

One of the basic principles of morality is that you can’t use evil to obtain a good.  Morality is not determined by the end alone, and so the end does not justify the means.  On Judgment day, we will be judged according to the compassion of our hearts, and so all the evil we’ve committed deliberately, in action or in omission, will testify against us (cfr. Mt. 25:31-46).  The truly honorable heart is compassionate, patient, rational, lover of peace, model of integrity.

I invite you all, therefore, to pray for those poor blind deceived souls who chose a path of destruction in the name of God.

Be a light to your world today!



  1. Good one, Jonathan. As you know I am not religious but I would fight tooth and claw to stop monsters like those terrorists using religion – any religion – to commit atrocities in the name of “God.”

    Sz xx



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