Truth Has No Favorites

There are many in this world who claim to possess the truth.  Truth is, no one possesses the truth like it’s some weapon to use against another, or like it magically puts you above everybody else.  Truth is the harmony between our mind and reality.  Truth has no favorites.  It is an absolute for everyone, whether you are royalty or the lowliest person alive.  You can’t make it up, you can’t invent it.  You can only abide by it or deceive yourself.  The very foundation of morality hinges on truth.  This is something that the modern-day relativistic mentality has tried to break in vain.

Truth can lift up the weary soul, it can shatter illusions, it can also break a heart.  Truth has to be spoken with discretion, at the right times, and for the right reasons.  Just because we have something true to say, doesn’t mean that it should be expressed recklessly.  Truth is light, but when shone in the face of someone who’s been in darkness, it hurts.  Those in darkness need to be brought into the light gradually.

Be a light to those around you, especially to your brothers and sisters who live in darkness.  Be a gentle light that draws them, rather than a blinding light that will make them recoil in pain or turn away.


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