The Unknown

Why are we so resistant to change?  In my clinical (and personal) experience, one thing that haunts many people when they try to make life changes is the unknown.  Walking into unchartered territory, leaving your familiar coping mechanisms behind, abandoning the familiar pain for an uncertain future… those are all examples of facing the unknown.  The unknown can’t be measured or weighed.  It has the strength that our imagination gives it.  Our imagination, in turn, feeds off of our fears.  Therefore, facing the unknown requires great courage that outweighs our fears.

All changes require us to abandon something we have for something we do not yet have, and have no guarantee of obtaining.  The fear we experience when faced with the unknown often makes us recoil and stick to the familiar, even when it is toxic or hindering us from our happiness.

Are there any changes you’ve been contemplating but haven’t undertaken, yet?  What fear is keeping you?


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