What’s the Point?

That feeling you get when you’ve taken on a project or an endeavor that seems to have hit a dead-end, is what I call discouragement.  It seems like it’s going nowhere and it was all for nothing… at the very least nothing you thought it would be.  Now you’re faced with a choice: fight on and hope that success will surprise you, or throw in the towel and declare it a lost cause.  What do you do?

I’m reminded of Samwise Gamgee’s speech to Frodo in the Lord of the Rings movie (The Two Towers), where he tells him that all heroes had the chance to walk away but didn’t, that it’s because they fought on that we now have their stories to tell (that was the gist of it, anyway).

Those who’ve left a legacy behind have been faced many times with this struggle.  The difference between these and the rest of the population is that they believed in their purpose and fought on.  In times like this, it’s crucial to focus on sowing the seed more than to try and force the tree to grow.  Our path usually doesn’t unfold the way we want it to.  If we’re patient and persistent, however, it will often surpass our expectations.

If you struggle to fulfill your objectives, if you feel discouraged or down because you’ve failed yet again, if you’re at a loss to find a way to make significant changes in your life… hang in there!  Fight on and sow the seeds!  You may not understand yet where all this is going, but your efforts won’t be entirely in vain.  You may not get exactly what you wanted.  In fact, you may end up getting more than you ever imagined.

Be a light to your world, today!


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