Fight for Your Dreams

In my last two posts, I wrote about changing the world and working smart.  In my life and faith journeys, I have learned another very important life lesson: fight for your dreams.  I found it easy to settle for what’s comfortable and readily accessible, but that doesn’t fulfill your dreams.  Dreams are beautiful and ambitious, sometimes an unrealistic fantasy.  Out of all our dreams that are realistic, how many of these have we attained?  How many of these are we still fighting for?  How many have we given up on?  I spent many days asking God why I could never finally settle with a stable job and a comfortable income.  It seems like every time I got comfortable, something would pull the rug from under my feet.  I honestly lost count of how many times this happened since I left the seminary 10 years ago.  Truth is, I understand today that those moments of comfort were but a rest area on the highway to God’s plan for me.  Looking back, I see that every setback lead to something better, helped me to learn to trust Him more deeply.  Through all of this, I understood that if I am to fulfill my life’s purpose, I can’t settle for comfort or a mediocre life.  These will hold me back.  I have to fight.  I have to push the boundaries.  I have to get out of my comfort zone and brave unchartered territory.

Be a light to those around you today!


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