Changing the World

We’ve all dreamed of leaving an imprint on this world.  Perhaps we dreamed that we discovered a cure for cancer, revolutionized politics, found an answer to inequality or famine.  The dreams are as grand as our imagination.  Unfortunately, after every dream comes the rude awakening that those dreams are just dreams and not likely to happen.  In truth, I believe that they can happen if we first understand what is within our capabilities.  We need to start small, to sew seeds.  We have to accept that the ultimate good we want to bring about may not reach its fulfillment in our own lifetime.  I believe, then, that the key is to build a legacy.

Say that you would love to see a strong anti-bullying system established in all schools and workplaces (definitely something that I would love to see).  A task like that is gigantic and cannot be done by one person alone.  However, for all of us who have a desire to see this happen, we need to begin with that part of the world that surrounds us in our day-to-day life.  The way we treat others is a legacy that we create for our children, our friends, our coworkers, etc.  We can build this legacy further by using each and every God-given qualities we have, like writing books and articles, teaching by words and examples, writing new laws.  If everyone who has this cause at heart would take an active part in taking it one step closer to its fulfillment, I’m sure we would see a difference in little time.  Problem is, in feeling powerless to make any major changes, we can easily neglect the minor changes as though they are insignificant… but that’s where it all starts.

Take a moment to recall your greatest dream.  Found it?  Now think of several ways to reach out to those who share that dream.  Think of every little step you could take together to bring that dream closer to its fulfillment.  At the end of our lives, we may not leave great accomplishments but we can all leave a legacy behind that others can build upon to fulfill our dream.  If any of us do leave great accomplishments behind, it will also be due to the legacy of those who came before us.



  1. Wonderful post. We may never see the final product of our actions, but we can rest assured knowing that if we take the proper steps now to make a difference in this world, that those works will carry on to the future generation. It’s our job to set in motion the things we wish for the world or our kids and grandchildren, while we are still here to do so.



  2. I like this post, and I’m finally learning that it takes one small step at a time. I have wanted to save all the children living in poverty, all the mentally ill stranded on the streets, affordability for the mentally ill. I’ve wanted to take in every stray animal and find a home for it. Changing the way our pubic school system operates. Fix the homes of all the people who lived though a natural disaster. I could go on, but I’m sure you get the gist of what I’m saying. I want to live in a perfect world. Thinking about what I can’t do creates obsessive thoughts in my mind, bringing me down.

    However, I know I do little things all the time. I can’t do it alone or fix things overnight. I do have 3 kids who have grown up with those positive aspects I’ve been able to eke out. Maybe they will take off from where I left.

    Thank you for reminding me that one person may not fix everything, but that one person can be in a group which can build momentum.



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