Unity in the Workplace

Perhaps you’ve done this experiment.  You take a single strand of a rope and pull on both ends.  Naturally, it ends up breaking.  Now take more than one strand and try to do the same experiment.  There’s a lot more resistance, and the more you add the harder it is to break it.  This experiments shows the strength of unity.  The more of us who stand together for a cause, the harder it will be to break us.

In a work environment that is tainted with bullying, unity slowly fades.  First the victim is singled out, then the bystanders feel the need to scatter or join in the bullying in order to avoid drawing the alpha bully’s malice onto themselves.  It’s like the rope is taken apart strand by strand, and then the strands are snapped each in turn.  In the long run, you end up with a broken workplace environment.

So how do we remain united and prevent such a disaster?  We need to stand up for each other.  It’s easier said than done, but perhaps not as unrealistic as it may seem.  The reason why bullies sew division and fuel conflict among their coworkers is because they don’t have a chance against the whole of them united.  They very much have a divide-and-conquer approach.  Should you stand up to your bully, he or she will likely attempt to divide, but you need only hold your ground and be firm.  By not falling prey to the bully’s games, you force him or her to back down or inevitably to end up leaving traces of the abuse that will serve as evidence.

If any of this applies to your workplace, start taking a stand today.  Don’t settle for anything short of respect and professionalism.  It’s your right to have a professional, safe place to work and it’s up to you to do your part.

Be a light of unity to your coworkers today!


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